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Guy Hoquet


Business Model Canvas
Customer Journey flows


02/2017 (1 week)


G uy Hoquet l’Immobilier is a group of real estate agencies with 480 franchises in France and abroad. Currently, in the digital transformation stage, the group tries to reposition its brand and business strategies with future digital solutions. In this context, Guy Hoquet website redesign will be the present urgent issue.

The primary goals of this project were to promote sales and brand awareness, as well as to incite conversion rates and increase their customer loyalty by implementing new features on the website. To do so, we aimed to:

  • Optimize SEO to increase Guy Hoquet’s visibility
  • Engage customers through strong visual narratives
  • Improve map search engine, utilities, and content areas
  • Highlight CTAs to build engagement (estimation your house value)
  • Maintain local agency sites’ UI consistency and functionality with the main site

We got five days to reply this call for bids.

Discovery & Research (day 1)


According to SEMrush report from 24/01-30/01/2017, the visibility of guy-hoquet.com is in the fourth grade comparing other competitors.

Competitive Review

To better understand the market context, I conducted a competitive review of similar brands including Century21, Orpi, Laforet and Stephane Plaza immobilier. While all competitors put Buyers as a priority to promote on their website, Guy Hoquet differentiates itself as offering a unique perspective “Guaranties for Sellers” to attract as many sellers as possible to approach Guy Hoquet while having a selling-house idea in mind.

HMW note taking

During the team briefing, team members (PM & Visual Designer) and I wrote down as many HMW post-its as possible to convert customers’ frustrations into measurable opportunities below:

How Might We…

  • Optimizer SEO to get customers visited Guy Hoquet (GH) site while first searching real estate site?
  • Focus on guaranties that GH propose to get sellers onboarding?
  • Improve the listing search engine?
  • Create an online estimation tool for sellers to price their home?
  • Use geolocation to show the nearby houses price and nearby GH agencies?
  • Provide both seller and buyer guides to prepare their plan?
  • Encourage buyers to register to save their search and favorite homes?
Business Model Canvas

Following HMWs, I made quickly a “Business Model Canvas” to have a more clear image of connections between customers and value proposition.

“Value proposition”: Agent’s expertise, Guaranty for sellers, Local agency network, Powerful online estimation tool, efficient map search engine -How products and services create customer gains? -How products and services eliminate customer’s pain points?
Customer segments – Sellers – Buyers – Investors What are their gains? What’re their tasks? What’s preventing them from getting tasks done?

Narrowing Scope & Structure (day 2-3)

After the research phase, we discovered some facts:

For sellers:

Currently, in the France, there isn’t any free and fast online estimation tool to get instant information about the housing market value and how many potential buyers exist.

For buyers:

They need a powerful map search engine with neighborhood filters depending on their needs to refine their search results and finally find their dream house.

So how to improve both sellers and buyers' experiences with Guy-Hoquet.com?

We aimed to demonstrate GH local real agent’s expertises by providing strategic solutions such as:

  • Well structured home page with strong visual narratives to get more sellers onboarding
  • Online estimation tool and timely local agency contact
  •  More refined and tailored search engine
Customer journey flows

We soon created a simple customer journey trying to make all the decisions from the sellers’ and buyers’ mindset during their visiting guy-hoquet.com


Based on the customer journey flows, several during-visit site features were generated from sellers/buyers’ perspectives. Looking back on the opportunities identified in the HMWs phase, it’s clear to see where and when these features can benefit sellers/buyers in the journey.

Visual Design (day 2-4)

In this phase, we didn’t have enough time to apply all the research,  user flows and wireframes to high-fidelity mockups. So we decided to focus on the evolution of Home Page (web and mobile) and the local agency page to present the core concept.

Feedback from stakeholders allowed the Visual Designer to iterate once again to ensure the concept was meeting our strategic goals.


The website is responsive. However, we decide to switch off a map preview of the neighborhood GH agencies on the mobile devices, so users don’t have any problems while viewing and touching the website with much smaller screen.

Prototype (day 5)

During the iteration process, the digital prototype was made to communicate the transition and interaction in the front page.

Thanks for reading! :}

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